Weather Calls, and how it works

If a shoot is cancelled due to bad weather AFTER the child has arrived on set, then a cancellation fee will apply. If the shoot is cancelled due to bad weather BEFORE arriving on set, then no fee is payable, provided the child is rebooked for another day on the same job. If the child is not booked by the client again for any reason, then a 100% cancellation fee will apply. If, however, the child is unavailable again for any reason of his/her own, no cancellation fee is applicable.

Production Companies have a two hour “window” for weather calls. In case of a full day shoot, the production company may attempt to start the shoot in the afternoon. In this case, another two hour weather call may apply, on consultation with the agency.

Getting Pictures from the Production

This is easier said than done, since most of the images return to the home base of the international client and are not kept in South Africa. Having said that, if you are really keen to get copies of the picture, please contact your agent and ask them to follow up with the production company.

However, stock images are not available to agencies or parents at any time. These images are for sale only and photographers are not permitted to hand them out, even if the child does feature in them.

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