Preparing your child for a shoot

Here are a few absolutes. Make sure your child:

  • Goes to bed early the night before
  • Arrives with clean hair and face.
  • Has brushed hair
  • Is wearing underwear – preferably neutral colours, boys to have underpants.

The fact that we’re even having to say this is an indication of how frequently this  happens…

we often find that for early calls in particular, kids are hauled out of bed early to avoid traffic and put in the car with a pillow and blanket, still in pj’s, and underwear and shoes are forgotten. Also parents often fail to take into account the weather changes that so often happen in Cape Town.

So why not be prepared and pack a kit before hand.

We recommend that this includes the following essentials:

  •  A jersey / cardigan / jacket
  • A water bottle
  • Sun block
  • Sun hat
  • A book to read
  • Spare underwear
  • Slipslops
  • A comb
  • Any special dietary requirements

And while we’re on the subject, here’s what NOT to bring on a Shoot –


Once again, a Shoot is a place of business. It is entirely inappropriate to turn it into a day out for the family. If the location is a long drive of course a companion can accompany you for safety reasons, but they must not interfere with the shoot, and should take their own refreshments.

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