Terms & Conditions


KIDZ CASTING AGENCY is an Executive Committee member of the Kids division of NAMA (National Association of Model Agents) and functions according to their guidelines and code of conduct.

If you are keen to have your child join Kidz Casting please email a recent, clear, natural photo of your child to sheila@kidzcastingagency.co.za and we will respond.

Models may belong to only one agency at a time, however they are under no obligation to remain with this agency.   Should you wish to release your children notification in writing two months in advance is required, as we would have to notify all our clients & delete their images from the systems.

The industry in Cape Town is very seasonal, the busy months generally being from September to end April, during which time there are a lot of overseas clients here to film television commercials, catalogues, music videos, docu-dramas, photolibrary, feature films etc..  Auditions are sometimes at short notice, so it is important we are able to get hold of you.  Always keep us informed of how a shoot went, of any problems you may have experienced, and the hours spent on set.


An sms, whatapp or email will be sent with casting details.  Should you have any further queries please send an email. If a general time-frame is given (eg. 3-6pm) it means you can attend anytime between 3-6pm.  Shoot dates given do not mean the shoot will be every day, however if your child is not available on any one of those days it is essential I notify the client.  With a casting for a TV commercial your child must be available for all shoot days, as we rarely know which day it will be, if not they must not attend the casting.

Some clients will request self-tapes to enable them to further short-list the kids they feel might be suitable.  The casting director will specify the instructions, and the more professional the self-tapes are presented, the better chance your child will have.  So practice!  Make sure the lighting is good, know the difference between portrait & landscape format, and tick off each & every instruction!

If they cannot attend an audition please inform us immediately, for the following reasons:

  • In most instances the casting director or client will specifically request that they attend, having made a short-list from their photos or a prior audition.
  • Time-slots are sometimes allocated to each artiste to avoid a ‘cattle market’ situation.  Should they not arrive they will be wasting the casting director’s time & studio expense.
  • Occasionally agents are limited to the number of people they can send to the casting.  If we know they cannot attend we can give someone else the opportunity.
  • Sometimes there may be an additional casting if the casting director feels they need to see more people.  If we know they could not make the first one we can then call you for the additional session.

Dress-code at an audition, to fit the brief, is extremely important as it is usually given at the request of the casting director.   Avoid clothes with brand-names, and very bright patterns or stripes.  If we do not specify what your child should wear, it’s always ‘casual but neat’.

Only one person may attend the audition with the child.


Contracts (On-Camera Performer’s Agreement and International Performer’s Agreement) are signed on behalf of the artiste by the Agent and are essential for protecting the rights of the performer.  Contracts are necessary for lead and featured roles in television commercials and advertising campaigns.

The schedule of the contract states the day rate (performance fee) and usage fee (if featured in the final edit), which includes TV exposure, and additional media (Cinema, Magazine, Point of Sale, Posters, Billboards, Packaging etc).  Provisions are made in the schedule for overtime, weather day and re-shoots.  It is important that you keep a record of the time your child arrives and is released from set to allow us to calculate any overtime and to reconcile records with the production company.  Should we not be notified by the end of the shoot day or before invoicing the job Kidz Casting Agency is not responsible for claiming overtime.


  • Please arrive on set at the requested time.
  • Only one guardian may accompany a child on a shoot, do not take friends & the entire family!
  • Do not leave the shoot without permission.
  • Meals and refreshments are always provided to the models by the client.

A copy of your child’s birth-certificate, passport or ID (for ages 16yrs and younger) is essential for the Agent to keep on file, as well as a Parental Permission Form signed by a guardian.  The client may not perform a shoot with a child without applying for a permit from The Department Of Labour and these are essential for their application.  Details such as the Production Company, Client, location and dates of shoot are included on the application for the permit. Clients will not book kids who are not registered as a taxpayer.  SARS has given us permission to register the kids for tax, as long as we have their S.A. ID number or passport number, and banking details.

During the busy season there are sometimes short-notice auditions.  There are times when we may have to call you after normal working hours.  However, unless it is extremely important, please do not call us before 8.30am or after 6pm from Monday to Friday, and not during the weekend.

Please keep us informed of any changes of address, telephone numbers, banking details or changes in appearance such as hair colour etc.

Welcome to Kidz Casting Agency!  We wish you prosperity and lots of fun!

Sheila Wallis