Key Requirements for Success

Whilst every Shoot aims to run smoothly and enjoyably for all the participants, it is still WORK. Here are some of the personal attributes if you want your child to be a success…

  1. Presentation
    Although this is a creative sector, it is still a business sector. If your child is not presentable, with clean hair, nails and clothing, then they won’t get in the front door. And whilst we’re all for diversity, remember that the majority of clients are from a strict business background. Therefore their first impressions of your child do count. Unless the brief says otherwise (and often is does), remember they should wear decent clothes and shoes to the casting session!!! (you may laugh, but we’ve seen all sorts here). Short nails, trimmed hair, clean face and hands.
  2. Communication
    If they are able to communicate clearly in English, it will be a big plus. Most production clients are foreigners and they don’t speak any South African languages.
  3. Integrity
    Sometimes you will be privy to information that has not been released to the general public. It will be expected of you to keep information confidential until the company has released the footage.
  4. Self-sacrifice
    If your kids can’t put aside their personal needs for the duration of a shoot, then they won’t suit the industry. The industry wants to employ people who are enthusiastic learners, people who are willing to go the extra mile, and people who work hard. Other hobbies and visits to Grandma unfortunately just have to wait.

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